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Why NIBIN never forgets!

arlier this week, Pete Gagliardi posted an article on the RF Factor Substack entitled, “NIBIN never forgets: So what?” https://therffactor.substack.com/p/nibin-never-forgets

Today, listen to him describe what prompted him to write that post. He talks about the Hazel Love unsolved murder case from Jefferson County, Alabama that was solved through NIBIN nearly six years after that heinous crime was committed after all leads went cold. He talks about the importance of bringing resolution to victim’s families and offers the Love family as an example. His passion for this fighting violent crime is palpable as you listen to him describe lessons learned from the Love case, while at the same time being strident about how NIBIN continues to be a critical tool for solving and combating crime, bringing justice to victims and suspects, resolution to families, and peace to the communities affected.