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The RF Factor

The RF Factor

The RF Factor and associated podcasts are aimed at helping the aspiring leader prepare for the future and the current leader grow in the present. Join George Belsky, Ray Guidetti and Pete Gagliardi as they interview a diverse group of guests and write about current topics. Their guests have one thing in common, they have proven themselves as leaders and change agents within their respective fields. Hear George, Ray and Pete tease out key takeaways from their guests as to how they affected change and sustained it through the application of "relentless follow-up" concepts that work.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Why read?

July 26, 2022

In April of this year, Ray wrote an article entitled Three Ways that Every Leader Can Experience a Thousand Lives . The article focused on the value of reading for aspiring leaders as well as those seeking to keep the edge i…

Water buckets and legacies

July 12, 2022

In May, George wrote and article entitled, “Our legacies in the water bucket.” (You can find that article here ). It is a must read for leaders who at sometime or another will be moving on when their time on the center stage…

Recent Blog Posts

How would you respond if the victim asked: “Am I going to die?”

As police and EMS personnel worked feverishly to save the nine-year old girl struck by a stray bullet as she played outside with her friends, she spoke her last words when they lifted her into the waiting ambulance: “Am, I going to die……

Brewed in Milwaukee: A crime-fighting tactic deserving of national distribution

Brewed in Milwaukee: A crime-fighting tactic deserving of national distribution I just saw a CBS 58 news piece reporting that the Milwaukee Police Department has announced “Operation Save-A-Casing”, a strictly voluntary program in colla…

NIBIN never forgets: So what?

NIBIN never forgets: So what? Back in 2006, I went searching for a success story about the use of the ATF National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) in solving crime. I was looking for a story that hit upon a couple of key points th…

About the Hosts

George BelskyProfile Photo

George Belsky

Podcaster/Leadership Consultant

George Belsky, Jr. is a West Point graduate, and former senior executive with ATF. He is currently a leadership consultant and instructor, a master trainer in Purple Resolve, and trainer of Blue Courage. He delivers leadership, wellness, and resiliency training to international and domestic law enforcement officers, managers, and executives, as well as the US military. The topics he delivers include ethical behavior and values for officers and leaders, law enforcement leadership, behavior modeli

Anthony GagliardiProfile Photo

Anthony Gagliardi

Web Developer / Video

Skilled Creative Director and Founder of Sly Session Partnership, adept at overseeing writers, designers and artists to accomplish challenging objectives. Excellent communicator, problem solver and detail-oriented manager proficient in business operations and customer needs.

Anthony is a world-traveled, design and marketing professional living in Ottawa. For more than 20 years he has led creative and strategic teams working in physical and digital spaces across the lifestyle, technology, and

Pete GagliardiProfile Photo

Pete Gagliardi

Author / Podcaster / Consultant

Executive Bio - Pete Gagliardi

Pete Gagliardi is a consultant on matters related to Crime Gun Intelligence (CGI). He provides thought leadership and strategic planning support to help governments develop sustainable solutions aimed at seeking justice for the victims of gun violence, resolution for their loved ones, and peace for their neighbors.

He has 50+ years of experience extracting useful investigative information from crime guns and related evidence in both the public and private sec

Ray GuidettiProfile Photo

Ray Guidetti

Podcaster / Consultant

Ray Guidetti retired as the Deputy Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police in 2018 at the rank of Lt. Colonel after twenty-five years of service. His last assignment with the NJSP, he led the Investigations Branch which consisted of in excess of 600 detectives, analysts, technicians, and scientists assigned to a myriad of different units and mission areas with an annual budget of approximately seventy-five million dollars.

Ray has always been a strong advocate of strategic planning, in