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Justice for Dallas by Mark Rusin

ATF Agent Marko Novak is assigned one of the most gruesome quadruple homicide investigations in northern California. Novak, who is haunted by a photo of the slain little girl named Dallas finds himself pitted against a brutal motorcycle gang and their unstable leader. Novak pulls out all the stops in his effort to cage the murderers. This is a work of fiction but inspired by actual events.


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"Come for the Concepts, and Stay for the Stories"


The 13 Critical Tasks: An Inside Out Approach to Solving More Gun Crime, 3rd Edition

by Pete Gagliardi

The 13 Critical Tasks is more than a workshop or a book. It’s a fundamental approach to the way in which firearm crime is investigated.

Now in its third edition, The 13 Critical Tasks shares the author’s 50-years of experience in law enforcement and forensic consulting. It shines a light on the procedural and technological solutions that law-enforcement agencies in the United states and around the world can put to use in the war against firearm-related crime.

Tackling more than simple procedures or programs, The 13 Critical Tasks approaches the topic of solving firearm crime by using the inside-out approach that spans all facets of the system from policy and prosecutorial to investigative and inventory.


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DETERRING UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLICING: What all cops, civic leaders, and citizens should know for improving police community inter

As punctuated through recent events, societal perceptions are that American policing continues to fail in its mission, to protect and preserve. Whether because of institutionalized prejudices that emphasize an "us versus them" mentality, reinforced through warrior training tactics, or poor recruiting, training, leadership and discipline, or a combination of these factors, the police profession continues to be challenged in its mission to deliver police services to the very citizens they swore to serve.


Metro: Sin City Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what the life of a street cop is really like? Fasten your seatbelt and take a journey with Las Vegas METRO Police Officer Mark Rusin through a childhood lived on the mean streets of Chicago’s south side to wild nights of being a METRO cop in Sin City in the rough times of the early 1980s.


She Knew No Fear: The True Story of Pioneer Jane McKetchnie Walton's Incredible Journey and Untimely Death

Many stories have been told of pioneer journeys to the West. This story is not unlike many, but at the same time, it is like no other. Jane McKechnie Walton made the long journey from Scotland to the Utah territory at the tender age of six. She thought she had conquered the biggest challenges she would encounter in life—only to find she was mistaken. As an adult she would become part of a small group of settlers involved in an expedition of monumental proportions. These trailblazers would find themselves stranded 2,000 feet above the Colorado River with no means to turn back. Without options, the group relied on ingenuity and gritty determination to carve a sliver of passage through what is known as the Hole in the Rock. After forging through many more obstacles, Jane would finally find contentment in a new homestead only to die unexpectedly, leaving a mystery that would generate stories for years. One hundred years later, Mike King delves into this remarkable woman’s life and the ques