"Come for the concepts, stay for the stories"

About the RF Factor.com

What is RF Factor.com?

The RF Factor website, www.RFfactor.com, is a central repository of curated  multimedia content designed to provide insight and provoke thought and introspection on issues ranging from organizational leadership and innovation – to the policies, strategies and tactics related to public safety and the reduction of violent crime. 


What does RF Factor stand for?

The letters RF stand for “relentless follow-up”, a key factor when trying to implement new policies and programs within an organization. It is often the most difficult factor to sustain. Relentless follow-up requires that we make frequent glances into our rearview mirrors, to see that the new policies and procedures put in place six months - a year - five years ago, are still being adhered to and performing as intended. 


Does the RF Factor accept sponsorships?

Yes. The RF Factor must depend upon mechanisms such sponsorships to help defray the fixed costs for maintaining operations and sustaining the production of the site’s content. However, there are certain conditions under which a sponsorship will be accepted. The RF Factor cannot advertise nor promote the specific products or services of a particular sponsor. However, The RF Factor does advocate for what it views as exemplary policies and best practices related to the teamwork, tactics and technologies employed by innovative and publicly funded programs. The RF FACTOR operates under the umbrella of “The RF Factor, LLC”, 6-05 Saddle River Rd., #197, Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410.

For more information about sponsoring opportunities, please call Ray Guidetti at          (862) 231-4128.


What does the RF Factor Website offers its visitors?

Currently the RF Factor website contains six content and services access platforms:

  1. The RF Factor Podcast Episodes: In both audio and audio/video format, they are aimed at helping the aspiring leader prepare for the future and the current leader grow in the present. The RF Factor’s hosts interview a diverse group of guests and write about current topics. Their guests have one thing in common, they have proven themselves as leaders and change agents within their respective fields. The hosts tease out key takeaways from their guests as to how they affected change and sustained it through the application of "relentless follow-up" concepts that work.
  2. Videos (In the Chill of the Night/True Crime Stories): Watch and listen to our Youtube Podcasts featuring real crime stories told by the law enforcers who were actually there – “In the Chill of the Night”. These stories not only highlight and honor some of the fine work that the men and women do everyday but they also serve as examples of just how important relentless follow is to all we do. So whether one’s interest lies in the area of leadership or true crime stories we say to all “Come for the concepts – stay for the stories”
  3. The Blotter: Police Stations maintain a daily written record of events (e.g. arrests, incidents, etc.) commonly referred to as the Police Blotter. The RF Factor’s “The Blotter” page is a daily record of our blogs and shorter “blotts”. The RF Factor’s writers provide thought leadership commentary on matters of interest to its audience often expanding upon information found in recent reports, publications and print and broadcast media.
  4. The Quarter Master: The Quarter Master Page contains links to the publications of The RF Factor’s guests and others: such as the books that they have authored, as well as “swag” that is mentioned or discussed on the content deliveries.
  5. The RF Factor Substack: While “The Blotter” provides individual blogs aimed at exposing thought leadership commentary in a broad manner across the web, The RF Factor’s Substack connects directly with registered RF Factor subscribers by sending them content directly to their email addresses. Sponsors of The RF Factor can provide their own email lists and request that the Substack be distributed to those contacts as well.