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In the Chill of the Night Episode 15 with Derek Maltz: A Perfect Storm - of Death

Join Ray and Derek Maltz, former DEA Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations Division, as they discuss the nation’s fentanyl crisis and how social media, cartel greed, China, trends in trafficking patterns, and the potency of this drug have created the perfect deadly storm leaving grieving families throughout the nation. Derek is a staunch advocate for the countless victims of the opioid scourge, which regretfully grows by approximately 300 Americans every day. He passionately describes how the story of how “one pill can kill” is going on throughout America. Unsuspecting victims find themselves ingesting a deadly cocktail of this powerful drug the traffickers are using to increase profit margins.

Some may ask why should we care? Because, kids should be learning from their mistakes, not dying from them! Derek’s insights outlined here are critical toward understanding this problem, and advancing solutions to keep Americans safe.