"Come for the concepts, stay for the stories"
Aug. 31, 2021

"Justice for Dallas" - by Mark Rusin

Wow! Pete and I just finished recording a podcast with Mark Rusin, former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer and retired ATF Special Agent. He tells the story of a brutal murder investigation involving outlaw motorcycle gangs, a cold case, and forensics. And how it led him to write his book Justice for Dallas. We hope to get this out soon. What a story!


Justice for Dallas, is a fictional crime novel written by Mark Rusin, a former police officer and retired ATF agent, and Ms. Priscilla Barton. An outlaw biker gang retaliates against one of their own and his entire family in a most barbaric way. ATF Agent “Marko Novak”, takes you along with him as he follows the trail of evidence. Careful though - like him - you may be haunted by the heartless way in which 5-year old Dallas was chased down and viciously murdered - her limp body thrown in a heap in the corner of her bedroom – her home then set ablaze.

While an interesting and well-written work of fiction in and of itself, what makes the story so unsettling is that it was inspired by actual events. The brutal murder of a 5-year-old and her family, a torched crime scene, a key piece of evidence buried for years, and a decade of doggedness by investigators undeterred in their quest for justice, resolution, and peace. This podcast is the story behind the story. In his “knock-around” southside of Chicago manner, Mark Rusin describes what he and his colleagues saw there in northern California - in the chill of the night.