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Sept. 3, 2021

In the Chill of the Night, Episode #9: Justice,, Resolution, and Peace Released

In the Chill of the Night,   Episode #9: Justice,, Resolution, and Peace Released

In the book, Justice for Dallas written by Mark Rusin and Priscilla Barton, ATF Agent Marko Novak is assigned to investigate one of the most brutal family murder scenes in northern California history. What haunts the young agent most is the way they killed the 5-year old little girl named Dallas. With very little to go on, Novak finds himself pitted against a ruthless motorcycle gang and their unstable leader. But in the end, will justice, resolution and peace prevail? While an interesting and well written work of fiction in itself, the story was inspired by actual events - the brutal murder of a young girl, a torched crime scene, a single piece of evidence, and years of perseverance by dedicated investigators who would not be deterred in their quest for justice, resolution and peace. This is the story behind the story that Mark Rusin will recount in his own words during this “In the Chill of the Night Podcast. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUEST: Mark Rusin was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He attended Quigley South High School and then Western Illinois University where he majored in Law Enforcement Administration with a minor in Psychology (and ice hockey.) Mark is a former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer and retired ATF Special Agent. During his law enforcement career, Mark witnessed and investigated several major fire scenes, homicides, bombings, and other high-profile cases from which serve to inspire his story writing content, jargon, and style. He is truly a “Chicago sports junkie” and published writer with this being his first crime novel.