"Come for the concepts, stay for the stories"

What's wrong with this picture?

Welcome to Episode 20 of In the Chill of the Night. In this episode, George and Pete, with a brief cameo appearance from Ray, are joined by former ATF Senior Executive Carlos Canino - two-time Florida Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and Medal of Valor awardee.

First things first though.

We have all seen photo’s in the media like the one shown above of uniformed officers unloading hundreds of kilos of drugs. A record seizure that was intercepted at sea and brought to shore.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong is that these cops haven’t arrested a drug smuggler, although they are real working cops they are also real “mules” moving the shipment of drugs for transport to their final destination!

Highly-paid mules of course, because of the added security they provide - and especially the protection they provide from the long arms of the law.

In this episode of “the Chill”, Carlos Canino tells an incredible story of his days working undercover across South Florida and Puerto Rico.

It began when he was assigned to a task force in Puerto Rico and fellow task force officers from the Puerto Rico Police Department received information from an informant about corrupt police officers – involved in the drug trade.

Carlos was selected to assume an undercover role and he set out to work the case. Hear him tell how he maintained his role and the confidence of the suspects as he walks us through the events that transpired.

Undercover work is complicated, stressful, and dangerous work. You’re constantly managing a hundred tasks at the same time while face to face with street-savvy armed criminals - all the while trying to stay true to your cover story.

But when those criminals are cops – who know how cops work and the methods they use – the levels of stress, difficulty and danger all rise exponentially.

As working cops, they are all armed. Posing as a bad guy, Carlos is armed too.

Carlos wonders - how easy would it be for these guys to keep the drugs - worth millions - and kill him.

What if he needed help – who would he call – the cops?

Carlos did have a “Doomsday Plan” if things went sideways – but you’ll have to hear him tell it in his typical Carlos way.

As disturbing and unsettling as the story may be, you’ll surely break a smile as Carlos relates some of his ace undercover “Inspector Clouseau” moments.