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RF Factor | Rachel Bolton King

She’s a King whose subjects are forensics

In this RF Factor Podcast, Dr. Rachel Bolton-King, Associate Professor, at Staffordshire University, joins Ray and Pete in a discussion of the challenges facing the entire criminal justice system when it comes to processing comprehensive, accurate, and timely forensic intelligence in general, and in the generation of actionable “crime gun intelligence” in particular. She has an advanced degree in the use of forensic technology, and as a Churchill Fellow, she has traveled extensively outside of the United Kingdom to study ballistic information networks such as the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) in the United States. Through this work, she has developed a keen understanding of the issues and concerns surrounding the development and use of crime gun intelligence across a wide group of global practitioners. As the Editor in Chief of the Justice Journal of the School of Justice, for “The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences”, she writes extensively on her life’s passion to help improve communication and understanding of the forensic sciences across the world’s criminal justice systems. To follow Rachel’s research and Churchill Fellowship investigating latest advances in gun crime technologies, please visit her blog: https://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/research4justice/justice-toolkit/gun-crime-investigations/