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RF Factor | Pete Forcelli Episode

The tragic events of September 11th, and the lessons learned in the wake of that terrorist attack will always be at the core of the RF Factor. Preparedness requires innovation, leadership and relentless follow up, and of course the unsung heroes that are willing to risk much to challenge the status quo to make our lives, our communities, and our nation a safer place for all to thrive. Tonight, we will be recording Episode #11 of the RF Factor podcast with Peter Forcelli, a senior law enforcement executive. Pete is no stranger to the RF Factor. A few months ago, he was a guest on the In the Chill of the Nightpodcast, Episode #6, where he discussed the investigative case he worked on targeting the infamous street gang, Sex-Money-Murder.

Pete will provide us his account of what he experienced at Ground Zero on September 11. The horrible things he saw, the dangers he faced, and the lessons he learned about hope, resilience, and unity that he still carries with him till this day. Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, and rears it head in times of crisis and times of peace. It is not about popularity, it is about courage. Courage to face the unknown and inspire positivity. Pete is a courageous leader.