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RF Factor | David Cooper

Setting the Tone

Engine out - the “helo” was going down. The Seal Team remained silent as they plummeted toward their death. In that darkest of hours - seconds really - one exclaimed: At least we won’t have to clean our guns tonight. Laughter broke out in the cabin. It was made more memorable by the uniquely skilled pilot who was able to get them down to live another day. Watch and listen to David Cooper, former Seal Team Six Command Master Chief, as he shares his thoughts on the “natural order of things” transferring his military experience working in Seal Teams to solving problems within complex systems and environments. He speaks of the importance of finding meaning and fun in every task one undertakes no matter if you are a busboy in a restaurant, a Navy Seal, or a CEO. Cooper views leadership as taking part - not taking charge - where the focus is solely on the mission - solving the problem and nothing else. From the Bin Laden Raid to the Captain Phillips hostage rescue, he talks about the value of team diversity as the key which made them tick. Cooper will tell you: “If you’re not sucking the marrow out of life - life will suck the marrow out of you”!