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In the Chill of the Night: Episode 16 with Jonathan Green & Pete Forcelli: Murder, Gangs, Guns

A few months back, ATF Special Agent Pete Forcelli, now retired, introduced us to the ultra violent Sex Money Murder Gang that terrorized a Bronx Housing project some years ago. As a follow up to that 6th episode of "In the Chill of the Night '', we rejoin Pete and the guy who wrote the book, Sex Money Murder, A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal, investigative journalist Jonathan Green for a deeper dive into the operations of this brutal gang. Pete and Jonathan bring you into the crack cocaine caked turf of the Soundview Projects and give you the benefit of their two perspectives, Pete's a cops and robbers one - of crime and punishment, and Jonathan's - a more humanistic perspective that underscores how some kids were able to leverage their street smarts to remain alive amid all the deadly violence and make the best of broken lives. Join George and Ray as they take a wild ride back to the early 1990’s to learn how the Feds brought an end to the carnage SMM delivered to the streets.