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In the Chill of the Night: Episode 10 - She Knew No Fear with Mike King

Mike King gives us a peek into his latest book: She Knew No Fear: The True Story of Pioneer Jane McKetchnie Walton's Incredible Journey and Untimely Death. Many stories have been told of pioneer journeys to the West. This story is not unlike many, but at the same time, it is like no other. While the book tells the harrowing tale of Jane McKechnie Walton's long journey from Scotland to the Utah territory and the literal cliff-hanger challenges she faced, it is also a story within a story. It’s the story of Mike King’s great-great -grandmother and his forty-year effort piecing together the memories and questions about her passed down to him by family members. It is a story that only Mike could hope to complete because of his extensive background in unraveling mysteries. Now one hundred years later, Mike King delves into what may be his most challenging mystery yet - and the one hitting closest to home - the sudden unexplained death of his great-great-grandmother.

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Mike is the creator and host of Profiling Evil. Mike retired from the Department of Public Safety after a distinguished law enforcement career, including service as Chief of Staff to Utah Attorney General Jan Graham. He was also the Director of UTAP (Utah Criminal Tracking and Analysis Program) guiding their mission to investigate and facilitate collaboration on unsolved homicides, sexual assaults and missing persons. His service includes; Chief of Staff to the Weber County Attorney and a police officer for the city of Ogden, Utah.
His Profiling Evil brand is nothing short of exceptional and I urge to check out his YouTube Channel, but you can start with his website www.profilingevil.com

With all he does on Profiling Evil, Mike has a separate full-time job at Esri where he is the Global Director of Fraud and Emergency Communications Solutions. He has helped the largest police departments in the world implement and operate real-time crime centers, intelligence/fusion centers and emergency communications centers. Past major events he has supported are the G20 Summit, Republican National Convention, FEMA National Level Exercise, several Super Bowls. He serves as part of the worldwide Disaster Response Program at Esri.