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Episode 8 When the Iceman Cometh, You Go-eth with Dominick Polifrone

Richard Kuklinski was a career criminal and a stone cold serial killer who killed for profit. He was given the was given the moniker Iceman by authorities after they discovered that he had frozen the body of one of his victims in an attempt to disguise the time of death. In this podcast you will hear how an undercover agent was able to penetrate his inner circle and bring him to justice - and you'll hear it directly from the ATF undercover agent who took him down.
Golden Gloves Champ, All-American Linebacker, ATF Agent, listed by Parade Magazine as one of America’s Top Ten Cop’s of the Year, recipient of the New Jersey Valor Award, - with such a resume you could just imagine that Dominick Polifrone was created in the offices of Hollywood’s central casting. Truth be told, he’s the real deal, a career Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) he’s worked undercover, supervised special task forces, and has run ATF’s operations in northern New Jersey for years. Anybody who was anybody in New Jersey Law Enforcement knew him simply as “Dominick”.