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April 25, 2022

Episode #24 - Deon Joseph

Episode #24 - Deon Joseph

In this episode, Ray and Pete are joined by LAPD Officer Deon Joseph, who has spent a quarter of a century working amongst the homeless along LA’s Skid Row. 


Listen as Deon shares his unique insight into this very polarizing issue of homelessness, gained from his first day on patrol - as he crossed Spring Street into the “Mad Max” world of Skid Row. 


Hear Deon’s stories about his days on patrol, his time spent working undercover in the belly of the ‘beast” along the “skids”, and his continuing leadership and advocacy work in trying to help bring about much-needed change now - before it’s too late. 


Officer “Joe” as he is called, provides us with a “how we got here from there” glimpse into the history and evolution of Skid Row and other similar enclaves in cities across America. 


He is candid about questioning just how motivated certain advocacy groups may be to end the homeless crisis when their funding only lasts as long as the problem lasts. 


Officer Joe, outlines the various causes of homelessness from mental illness, to addiction, to people who have just fallen on hard times and how any solution must be tailored to the cause. 


He warms about the influx of organized criminals running various criminal enterprises from the “row” including sex trafficking and the distribution of deadly fentanyl and other drugs. 


Officer Joe, is a man on a quest with deeply held religious convictions that drive him to advocate for a group of people that most folks would prefer not to engage with - or even look at. He speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves. 


Please - please - please listen to Officer Joe’s three common-sense solutions to dealing with today’s homeless crisis and the inherent problems that affect us all - real solutions rather than another costly band-aid proposal. 


As a hint as to his Deon Joseph’s Homelessness Solution Number 3, Officer Joe will tell you that nobody - not a rich man - not a poor man - should ever be above the law. 


Take a walk on the wild side with Ray, Pete, and Officer Joe - as they cross to the other side of Spring Street. 

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