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Jan. 24, 2022

Episode #19 - Neil Schuehle

Episode #19 - Neil Schuehle

Join Ray and special Guest Host George Belsky on this latest episode of the RF Factor, as they tease out leadership concepts from the experiences of Neil Schuehle, former reconnaissance Marine, and Company Commander. 

Listen as George, a former Infantry Commander himself and Law Enforcement Senior Executive, and Neil take a short walk down memory lane, then with Ray, begin ferreting out some key leadership points from Neil’s – and George’s - exemplary Military service to our nation. 

Listen, watch, and learn why Balance Counts. The ability to balance the many aspects of one’s personal life, right down to the uniform you wear and the equipment and tools that you use. 

Stay tuned in, as they discuss the importance of managing both mental and physical stamina, and hear how and why they arrive at the conclusion that leaders must recognize when to move forward, influencing those things they can and when to take a step back.

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