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Sept. 9, 2021

Seeking Justice, Resolution, and Peace: He was only three and he was just taken away

Seeking Justice, Resolution, and Peace: He was only three and he was just taken away

A couple of weeks ago, I “blotted”, a mini-blog on “The Blotter” page of our RFfactor.com website entitled: If the evidence will not come to NIBIN – NIBIN will go to the evidence

It was an inspiring story about how teamwork, tactics, and technology are helping police in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region to better link crimes, guns, and suspects. I gave us hope for a better path forward in dealing with crimes of violence.

I think back to that “Blott” when I saw this latest story out of Charlotte about a 3-year-old boy who was killed in his home while sleeping and his 4-year-old sister who was injured - after two carloads of shooters pumped nearly 150 shots into their home.

The crime gun intelligence best practices currently in play there in the region: Cross-jurisdictional teamwork, policy-driven tactics, and the layering and leveraging of intelligence-generating technologies are just cause for hope.

Hope that the authorities will advance with Godspeed to identify and stop these killers before they have an opportunity to shoot and kill again.

Hope that the investigation will result in the application of the full measure of justice, resolution, and peace that everyone seeks for the victims, their loved ones, and their neighbors. 

Investigators said they believe the suspected shooters could be teenage students connected to high schools in the area.

Police Chief Johnny Jenkins said: "I want to speak directly to the suspects right now . . . how can you wake up this morning knowing that your actions last night took the life of a 3-year-old?"

The child’s great-grandmother told the reporters: "He was only three, hadn't lived that long a life, and he was just taken away."

To sense the horror and feel the outrage of such a vile and heinous act you have got to watch the video captured on home security cameras and read the entire story by clicking on the link further down.

To all involved in this investigation – Godspeed, and thanks for the work that you do!