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Aug. 22, 2021

Every Jedi Needs a Yoda

Every Jedi Needs a Yoda

It wasn’t the first time I sat in an airport pondering the question of How did I get here? Not how did I arrive on the planet, but how did I get to a place where I would be called upon to speak on a national level on a topic as important as gun violence.

Clutched in my hand was Luke Skywalker, one of my son’s Lego mini figures, given to me so my son could ensure that The Force would protect me when I travelled. As my mind wandered, I thought about Skywalker, and more importantly how Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master who was short in stature but wise and powerful, played an integral role in Luke’s connection with The Force.

This important parallel would wind up answering the question in which I was now contemplating and served as an important reminder of the value of mentorship for one’s career development....

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